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Eat the election


Choco Logo, the great little chocolate shop on Broadway downtown, is playing both sides of the political fence.

These things Choco Logo makes, you could not make them up. (We love that picture above that The News took earlier this year , showing founder Dan Johnson looking like Willy Wonka, surrounded by glops and cascades of chocolate.)

Last night, when we stopped in, a friend was buying skulls. They were coated with white chocolate and inside was dark chocolate and in the middle was a long thick nugget of toffee. They would be great other than that they are skulls. Yuch! We know they are candy but still.


At the checkout, Buzz was fascinated to learn that they are toasting Mitt Romney with a confection called Mitt Rum-ney. It involves rum, yum!

They also have an Obama bar that includes salty caramel, supposedly a favorite of his.

Both these bars get our vote!

Surely they will make the last week before the election all the more frenetic, as we all hit a bipartisan sugar high...


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