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Eggnog flows downtown

2012-11-8 006

The Christmas trees are going up! And it is about time.

Above is the Tree @ the Lafayette. We asked the clerk at the check-in desk when it went up and she said yesterday.

Here is a shot of elves putting our tree up today at The News.

2012-11-8 033

Buzz is not proud of our ability to enjoy Christmas well ahead of the fact. It dismays our friends, the eagerness with which we embrace the season, way too early. We do not mind the commercialism either. We like the tinsel and sparkle. We need that good cheer. Bring it on!

Here are cool decorations @ the Lafayette, over one of the fireplaces.

2012-11-8 004

Last week, speaking of the Lafayette, someone raised an interesting question.

"Did the Lafayette ever look this good?" he mused.

Meaning, did it look this good when it first opened, back in 1901?

We wonder as we wander...


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