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100 years later, the election results are in

2012-11-6 002

It is fun to track the news from a century ago! On Nov. 6, 1912, The Buffalo Evening News announced that the United States had elected a new president, Woodrow Wilson.

He was the challenger, defeating Republican incumbent William Howard Taft. Taft's vice president, Buzz Blog readers might recall, had just died.

Wilson would be re-elected four years later to a second term. When he ran for re-election his slogan was "He Kept Us Out Of War." Of course it was during his second term that the United States did enter World War I.

Wikipedia tells us that Wilson is the president who played the most rounds of golf -- almost 1,000 rounds, or one every other day.

And now for the Buffalo connection: President Wilson drove a Pierce Arrow.

It is on display in a museum in his hometown of Staunton, Va. ...


... and Wilson loved the car, a Pierce Arrow limousine that the museum reminds people was made here in Buffalo in the plant on Elmwood Avenue.

The Pierce Arrow being a quality car, it still runs.


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