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'Nutcracker' cracks 'em up

Battle 2

"The Nutcracker" is on stage at Shea's this weekend -- there is another show today at 2 p.m. -- and Buzz is sorry, but this is one guilty treat we just cannot resist. It is a joint production by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Neglia Ballet Artists. We went last night.

It is so entertaining! That is the battle scene up above, charming and weird at the same time the way this battle scene is supposed to be.

And speaking of charming and weird, it is fun just to observe the kids in the audience.

One little girl in a purple dress and sparkling purple shoes kept climbing things in the lobby at intermission. She was fascinated with the big marble water fountain and kept shimmying up it.

Then when Buzz was trying to throw out our plastic champagne glass she was climbing the garbage receptacle! It looked as if she was trying to throw herself in!

There were tots in our row and you could tell they loved being at the ballet.

"Bravo!" they would yell at the end of a dance.

And: "Encore!" Can you believe it?

You could tell what the kids loved because they were vocal about it. They loved the grandfather, who pretty much stole the party scene. He is Fredonia faculty member Paul Mockovak. And they got a huge kick out of it when Fritz, danced charmingly by Sergio Neglia's son Nico, gets thrown over an adult's shoulder and spanked. Ha, ha! They knew what that was about!

One of the best scenes is Mother Ginger, who in the Neglia production is a giant cupcake. Out from under her skirts skip all these little cupcakes. 

"Ah!" breathed a little girl down our row. "Cupcakes!"

So cute.

Plus, when we got out of Shea's, the air was filled with the first snowflakes we had seen this season.




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