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NYC man goes on Buffalo marathon


Being sent to Buffalo sure proved lucky for Oscar Torres.

He has been here for several weeks now, thanks to his job with the Federal Reserve Bank. He audits banks, as we understand it. But when we met him he was at E.B. Green's auditing Jackie Jocko. You never find a musician of Jocko's caliber, he enthused, and a steakhouse this good would be unbelievably expensive back home. That is Oscar with Jocko in the picture up above.

Oscar totally missed Hurricane Sandy. He says his home in Brooklyn is without power, but that's OK, friends are looking out for it.

He says, "It kind of feels awkward that people back in New York are suffering from this storm, and I'm here in Buffalo drinking wine."

Oh well, a little awkwardness never hurt anyone.

When we left Oscar, he had just met a Buffalo girl in the lounge and had bought her a glass of Riesling. She had joined him at his table next to the piano. Oscar, a classical music fan, was making plans to go to Kleinhans Music Hall tonight for the Buffalo Philharmonic's Shostakovich concert. "The tickets are such a bargain!" he rejoiced. "At Lincoln Center, they're around $150."

Secretly we wonder if he'll ever go back to New York.

Once you discover how good life is in Buffalo, it's hard to leave!


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