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NYC man yearns for his new life in Buffalo

Remember Oscar Torres?


He was the young man from Brooklyn who works for the Federal Reserve Bank and was sent to Buffalo for a month or so, thus missing Hurricane Sandy. And he was dining every night in the Hyatt lounge, hanging out with Jackie Jocko, going to the Philharmonic, making friends.

Here is the link again in case you have forgotten.

Oscar has not forgotten us.

Jocko said Oscar called him!

"He was crying," Jocko said. "He misses Buffalo so much."

We are not sure if Oscar was exactly crying. Jocko can be, shall we say, dramatic in his speech. But we do take this to mean that Oscar does yearn for Buffalo and the life he had here.

Oscar, Buffalo misses you too! And don't forget, you can always move here.

"I think he will," Jocko said.


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