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A mushroom of one's own


Maybe it's election day stress, but Buzz has been hanging out a lot at pizza parlors. That is a term we love, pizza parlors. Like massage parlors or tattoo parlors! It hints that you are living life on the wild side.

The truth is, though, that pizza parlors are calming.

We love the quaint fees they charge for extra toppings. At Bob and John's on Hertel, it's 30 cents. That is a Bob and John's pizza in the News file photo up above.

Casa di Pizza on Elmwood is even less -- 25 cents. (Hey, someone has to research this.)

And here is what tops it all: Bob and John's offers a choice of mushrooms!

Ah, you say. Shiitake or Portobello? Cremini or, ahem, Truffle?

No no no! As a Buffalonian you should know better.

The choice is "mushrooms" or "canned mushrooms."

And last thing we heard, the two were in a dead heat...

Williamsville church congregation cracks up


A sweet Sunday Buzz story comes from St. Gregory the Great Church. That is St. Gregory the Great himself pictured above! At the church, which is in Williamsville, a woman was up at the microphone reading prayer intentions and one came out kind of funny.

"For all those deprived of enjoyment," she read.

And the congregation answered obediently, "Lord, hear our prayer." But everyone could tell something wasn't right. The lector must have realized she had goofed. She kind of paused, and looked over to the priest. The priest was in stitches. In a minute everyone was laughing.

She was supposed to have said, "for those deprived of employment."

She subbed in "enjoyment."

They got what they prayed for!

NYC man goes on Buffalo marathon


Being sent to Buffalo sure proved lucky for Oscar Torres.

He has been here for several weeks now, thanks to his job with the Federal Reserve Bank. He audits banks, as we understand it. But when we met him he was at E.B. Green's auditing Jackie Jocko. You never find a musician of Jocko's caliber, he enthused, and a steakhouse this good would be unbelievably expensive back home. That is Oscar with Jocko in the picture up above.

Oscar totally missed Hurricane Sandy. He says his home in Brooklyn is without power, but that's OK, friends are looking out for it.

He says, "It kind of feels awkward that people back in New York are suffering from this storm, and I'm here in Buffalo drinking wine."

Oh well, a little awkwardness never hurt anyone.

When we left Oscar, he had just met a Buffalo girl in the lounge and had bought her a glass of Riesling. She had joined him at his table next to the piano. Oscar, a classical music fan, was making plans to go to Kleinhans Music Hall tonight for the Buffalo Philharmonic's Shostakovich concert. "The tickets are such a bargain!" he rejoiced. "At Lincoln Center, they're around $150."

Secretly we wonder if he'll ever go back to New York.

Once you discover how good life is in Buffalo, it's hard to leave!

Test your Buffalo eyesight

The other night on Hertel we found ourself squinting admiringly at the Buffalo Eye Chart.

It is the brainchild of Inkwell Studios.


We personally think the sailboat in Row 3 and the bowling paraphernalia in Row 7 should switch places. Many more people own a bowling ball than own a sailboat.

The beer and the bison should switch places too.

And where are the things that really belong on this chart, namely: 1.) a missing car muffler; 2.) the Skyway; 3.) Super Flea; 4.) Lance Diamond, in silhouette; and 5.) Zubaz pants?

Oh, well, you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20. Even without these corrections, we love this chart. You would think they would put this up as a joke in eye doctors' offices.

Who could resist?

Eat the election


Choco Logo, the great little chocolate shop on Broadway downtown, is playing both sides of the political fence.

These things Choco Logo makes, you could not make them up. (We love that picture above that The News took earlier this year , showing founder Dan Johnson looking like Willy Wonka, surrounded by glops and cascades of chocolate.)

Last night, when we stopped in, a friend was buying skulls. They were coated with white chocolate and inside was dark chocolate and in the middle was a long thick nugget of toffee. They would be great other than that they are skulls. Yuch! We know they are candy but still.


At the checkout, Buzz was fascinated to learn that they are toasting Mitt Romney with a confection called Mitt Rum-ney. It involves rum, yum!

They also have an Obama bar that includes salty caramel, supposedly a favorite of his.

Both these bars get our vote!

Surely they will make the last week before the election all the more frenetic, as we all hit a bipartisan sugar high...

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