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Rainbow unmentionables

2012-11-21 005

You know how they used to call lingerie unmentionables?

Those days are back!

At least at Rainbow Shops. Buzz loves Rainbow Shops. Very often there is a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow, we have found. You get scarves, gloves, jingly jewelry. We bought a gown there and wore it to a party last summer.

The, uh, unmentionables, though.

Santa must be blushing!

2012-11-21 007

The life-affirming color, reminiscent of Kmart!

2012-11-21 006

(Notice the old Woolworth's floor and infrastructure.)

2012-11-21 018

We saved the best for last.

A camo-sole!

2012-11-21 003

Rainbow, got to love it.

It lives up to its name!!


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