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The funniest part of the Christmas season...


... is people trying to tell us how not to gain weight during it.

Buzz is on a million diet and exercise mailing lists and the other day we got a list of pointers on how to work in exercise when you are in a mall. It came from Calorie Count, this app we have and, being a proud Buffalonian, never use.

But still, out of pure curiosity, we opened the list and had a peek. Park farther away from the door, OK, yeah, got that. Use the stairs, not the escalator, OK, we already do that.

However. ...

These Calorie Count folks said that whenever you pass a bench, get down and do push-ups on it.

Hahahahahahaaa!! It is not Buzz laughing. It is all your fellow Galleria shoppers, shown above in a recent News file photo, who are standing around eating cinnamon buns and watching you do your pushups.

Other suggestions, so weird you could not make them up: Use fitting rooms for doing squats and jumping jacks. And ... and ... we can hardly type this because it is just so funny ... Bring along hand weights to carry in your bags as you shop.

We just read this one out loud and a co-worker is going, "Oh ... ow.... owww..." Now Buzz is laughing too so hard our stomach hurts.

Hey ... now we get the point of this list!

Laughing this hard sure gives your abs a workout!


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