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The holiday diet police


The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light, and it is the light of the refrigerator, stocked with goodies for the holidays ahead.

You know Thanksgiving is upon us when the diet police come calling!

Best Fitness, with branches in Tonawanda and Buffalo, is the latest voice crying in the wilderness, telling us we can all expect to gain between one and two pounds this season.

One or two pounds? That's all? Best Fitness read our mind. "Even though this doesn't sound like a lot, the subjects did not lose the weight," they write, citing a ponderous study.

The bitterly competitive battle is now on for Most Useless Holiday Diet Tip. Looking over Best Fitness' list, we nominate:

"When you are at parties, pick up a small plate and fill it up with veggies and fruit."

All we hear is: "Pick up a small plate...." You can fit a lot on one small plate!

And: "Eat small low-calorie meals throughout the day."

All Buzz hears is: "Eat .... throughout the day."

Watch it, holiday diet police.

Watch what you tell us!


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