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Turkey touches off international incident

TurkeyYou know the Canada goose.

Now meet the Canada turkey!

A buddy went to the Niagara Falls Walmart the other day to choose a cheap turkey. She could not help noticing that gathered around the display of bargain turkeys were customers with carts piled high with them. We are talking dozens of big, slippery turkeys! Unlike Tops and Wegmans, Walmart placed no limit on turkey purchases.

Our friend, who is holding a small gathering, searched high and low until she found just the right turkey to suit her needs. She set it aside and, as she did so, spoke up, Buffalo style, to the other shoppers.

"This is my turkey," she laughed. "I'm just going to run and get a cart."

When she got back two minutes later, her turkey was gone. It was in a cart with a dozen other turkeys! The owner of the cart was standing over it, hostile. He would not give it back.

It is a turkey-eat-turkey world out there!

Our friend says she learned that the turkey-gobbling shoppers were from Canada and they were buying the bargain birds to resell them up there.

It must be some law of nature.

The geese fly south.

The turkeys fly north!



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