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What are you doing New Year's Eve?

Buzz will be wearing a gold, sparkly dress we bought at the Rainbow Shop, where we were taking pictures yesterday of unmentionables, remember?

The dress was $10! Seeing us hesitating, wondering if it was too short, a girlfriend teased us.

"It's 10 bucks!" she laughed.

You spend more than $10 on a routine visit to Mighty Taco!

So we bought the dress and we took it home and that was when we really fell in love with it. Because when we looked at the label we saw it was made of a fabric with the most marvelous name.

It is Lurex!

Not to be confused with the Lorax, pictured above.

We love that name Lurex. It sounds lurid and alluring and people use it to lure people. We can't wait to wear it to the ball drop.

We will be the talk of Roosevelt Square!


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