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With Hostess down, sugar war hits new high


The collapse of Hostess has emboldened other makers of sugary treats.

They are becoming more aggressive!

Buzz found an several-inch-high pile of coupons for Dunkin Donuts at, of all places, the Buffalo Athletic Club. Huge sheets of coupons, for all kinds of treats. They were  front and center, too. At the counter where you sign in. This was at the BAC For Women, on Colvin in Tonawanda.

"Doughnut coupons at the gym!" we marveled.

The attendant just laughed. (Ho-ho.... ho!)

Those doughnut makers are becoming brazen!

By the way the Donut Queen above comes from Mom's Basement, a site with all kinds of vintage ads.

Have another ...

Donut 2
...and another.

Donut 3


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