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A controversial holiday hit

ASCAP's list of this year's Top 10 Christmas songs did not include one that must, just must, be there, judging from what we are hearing around town.

The song is front and center on the new Christmas CD by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, culture barometers that they are. A co-worker heard it at Wegmans and Buzz heard it somewhere else, at Budwey's maybe?

Guess it yet? Give up? It's ...

Buzz likes this square old version. We are a Johnny Mercer fan!

Oh, no!! We are looking at the comments under the YouTube video.

There is an argument going on with people insisting the song is about date rape! Someone writes: "Terrible song about rape. Society has come a long way..."

Then people argue. And someone else writes: "The song IS about rape. Don't try to sugar-coat it."

To quote "A Charlie Brown Christmas," good grief!

We've had, as we said, plenty of opportunities to listen to this song. And there are lines, now that we think about it, like "What's in this drink?" And "I oughta say no, no, no...." But we never saw it as ominous! And on the new Travolta/Newton-John CD, for what it is worth, they do it the other way around. It's the girl pleading with the guy to stay.

Oh, well, whatever. There is no use arguing with some people, is what we are learning.

Crank up the Victrola!


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