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Apocalypse Later


Buzz did not quite get this whole Mayan thing. We don't worship the Mayan gods, pictured above. We don't buy into these people's religion, so why would we think they had anything on the ball as far as knowing when the world would end?

But we have to say, this whole Mayan calendar business was worth it for all the jokes and cartoons going around. They have kept us laughing in a week that was otherwise kind of bleak news-wise, you know?

And it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, a witty and learned friend writes on Facebook: 

"Somebody got it wrong. Apparently the world ends at the end of the NEXT Mayan cycle. So beware of Dec. 21 in the year 7138! Start the countdown: Only 1,872,272 days to the Apocalypse."

Hahahahahaa! Knowing this guy, he probably did the math.

Happy Dec. 22!

Now don't forget, let's all make time today to get our free ice cream at Jenny's.


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