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Zuill, cool, or uncool?


Zuill, Zuill Bailey, the eyes of Buffalo's women are upon you. The dapper cellist played Haydn last night with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. He will be playing at Kleinhans Music Hall again today at 2:30 p.m., should you want to take this sure bet over the capricious Buffalo Bills.

That is Zuill in the picture above so you can see what we are dealing with here. News photographer Sharon Cantillon took the picture last night. That is guest conductor Sarah Ioannides with him.

Later Buzz ran into a couple of great-looking girls who had been sitting in a front row. They were both giddy over Zuill.

"We're sure he was looking at us," they said. 

One of them reported incredulously that a woman nearby had been asleep.

"How can she sleep? He's so hot!" she exclaimed. 


Our gal pals, so chic, were bummed to learn two things.

One, that Zuill, despite his cool name, is not from some foreign land but from, uh, Virginia. He is a Jr. That would make him -- say it isn't so! -- a Southerner who inherited his dad's name. 

"Oh, no!" our friends shouted.

And two, that Zuill Bailey lives in El Paso, Texas.

"Why not Austin? Any place cool?" one girl wailed.

We did not have the heart to tell them that Bailey has a wife and a couple of kids. 

Sometimes you need to show some charity, you know?


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