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Habemus Tweet


Buzz signed up to follow the Pope on Twitter. He goes by @Pontifex. We were something like follower 255,676.

As a Buffalonian it is our duty to do our part to draw the Pope into discussions of wings, the Bills and what is going on with the old FWS building. You know that once he starts Tweeting -- he is scheduled to start on Wednesday -- he will quickly become involved with Buffalo. You just know.

A lot of people are throwing very nasty messages up at the Pope. But some messages are sweet and funny.

One we loved read simply: "Habemus Tweet."

When they elect a new Pope the message that goes out is "Habemus Papam," Latin for "We have a Pope."

We have a Tweet! Well, we will, on Wednesday.

Let's do our best to make it about the Bills.


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