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Heartbreak Express


One of Buzz's good friends made the thankless trip to Toronto yesterday to witness the Bills' loss. She joined up with friends who live north of the border. They drove to Aldershot -- there is a name you would never find in Buffalo, eh? -- where they caught a GO Train to the game.

The train was full of tons of people, all bound for the game, all having a noisy great time. The conductor even came out and congratulated everyone. He said, "I've been driving this train for years, and I've never seen a train this packed, even at rush hour!"

Fast forward to a few hours later.

Buzz's friend and her friends, unable to bear watching the game to the bitter end, left early. They had to wait for the train back to Aldershot. The Canadian system had not taken into account that anyone might want to leave early. The station was full of Bills fans, staring at the arrival and departure board, silent and miserable.

On the train, our friend said, you could hear a pin drop.

Oh, for crying out loud, this is breaking our heart!

Where is Elmore James when you need him?


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