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Hertel Avenue's Opera Man


For a minute today, Buzz thought we were in Rome. That was because we stopped into Jimmie's Shoe Repair.

It is the coolest store on Hertel.

This tiny storefront attached to a house, and you walk in, and Jimmie -- well, come to think of it, we are not sure that is his name -- is behind this narrow counter with shoes packed in behind him as far as the eye can see. He is a handsome man. There is this aroma of leather and old tools.

An Italian opera was playing. Perhaps it was whatever opera was being beamed from the Met. The music went well with the timeless scene.

It is worth bringing your shoes in just so you can sit and read the magazines.


That is better than our branch library!

It gets us thinking. There is at least one opera about a cobbler and that is Wagner's "Die Meistersinger." 

Next time the Met broadcasts it, we will have to send flowers to Jimmie's.


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