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In the days of decent donuts


There should be some kind of citywide observance to celebrate the First Bad Driving Day. Whatever we call it, it will probably come this weekend.

The vintage picture above was posted on Facebook today by Forgotten Buffalo along with advice to crack out our winter driving skills. It quickly drew a flurry of comments.

"The first car in line looks like my father's 1970 Plymouth Valiant."

"We had a Valiant."

"The cars aren't the only clue to how old it is -- there's lights on it!"

"And no 990 split."

"The second car looks like a 1972 Bel Air wagon."

One woman, apparently an expat, was wistful. "Wish I could bring Buffalo snow to New Orleans, if just for one day," she wrote. "Snow angel, anyone?"

A muscle car fan also liked the white stuff.

"Let's break out our '70s cars and recreate Blizzard scenes!" he suggested.

He added: "The new cars can't do a decent donut."


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