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Keeping up with the Joneses

Buzz loves gossiping about the rich and famous and so we love following the saga of how Andy Anselmo, Buffalo's vocal coach to the stars, teaches Caroline Jones, the daughter of mega-billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. We met Miss Jones at that party for Andy in October, if you recall.

The other day Andy flew into Greenwich, Ct., to go to the Joneses' Christmas party. Andy is a fine singer but he did not have to perform. Bon Jovi performed.

Not only that but ...

We have seen the light in the East and it is the Joneses' Christmas lights display!

That was last year's display but Business Insider implies that this year's is just as lavish. By the way that is the charming Caroline Jones on vocals.

Up at the top of the post is the Joneses' display from 2010.

Once again we are grateful to Andy Anselmo.

We live vicariously through him!


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