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Manufacterers and Traders Trees

2012-12-14 009

Why say plain vanilla "M&T" when you can say "Manufacturers and Traders"? Buzz uses the bank's full name at every opportunity.

With which, a toast to the Manufacturers and Traders trees.

With a view like this it is easy to believe there is snow even when there is not.

And it was easy to imagine that the St. Joe's Swing Choir ...

2012-12-14 010

... was singing Christmas music even if they were not. What was with these kids? They had the final, coveted noon slot in the Manufacturers and Traders lunch time caroling series, today at noon, and yet Buzz, hanging around for half an hour, heard not one Christmas song, at least not any we recognized.

Not so much as a "Deck the Bank With Boughs of Holly." Unbelievable!

How could they resist?


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