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On the scent of the Snooty Fox


Buzz always laughs at the Snooty Fox Lounge, the upscale bar on Delaware Avenue, pictured above in a snooty News file photo. We have always thought that name is just so clever.

Once there was some scavenger hunt for charity and one of the things you had to do was: "Get down on all fours and graze like a buffalo in front of the Snooty Fox." Ha, ha! We always remember that!

Naive as we can be, we always thought our Snooty Fox was the only one in the whole wide world.

A friend told us about a Snooty Fox near McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont.

It couldn't be true. We told her to stop hounding us. But lo, it is true, there is a Snooty Fox north of the border.

After that we went Snooty Fox hunting.

The Snooty Fox is a chain of consignment stores in the Cincinnati area.

There is also a Snooty Fox Tack Exchange, for riding apparel and so forth.

A "venerable" Snooty Fox pub closed last year in Indianapolis. Hmmm. Reading about that one we are not sure that a 29-year history qualifies you as venerable.

Well, it seems that the name is venerable, anyway.

Snooty Foxes run in a pack!


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