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On the third day of Christmas, Spotify gave to me ...

Radio2... We do not want to say what!

Remember the other day, when Spotify responded to all our playing of Christmas carols sung by the Vienna Choir Boys, the Choir of King's College Cambridge, etc. by recommending Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?

It has gotten worse!

Now Spotify is into breaking up our classical Christmas playlist by advertising, ahem ...

... We hate saying this! ...

... Trojan condoms.

What in the world, you know? It happened to a friend of ours, too. He wrote: "I'm listening to 'Christmas with Peggy Lee' right now on Spotify, and it keeps playing the same Trojan condom ad every few songs, complete with the 'Trojan Man' jingle."

That must have been the Trojan Man jingle we were hearing. It was really adult, is all we can say. Really adult.

These are not tidings of great joy!


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