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Scenes from a Metro Bus

2012-12-14 012

When it gets snowy Buzz likes to take the bus. We have a stop right by our house and it is sometimes just too tempting, you know? Because there is nothing like having three close calls in your car before you even start work in the morning. Oh, no thank you!

Taking the bus is a skill everyone should have and we pride ourself on our knowledge. Plus we just get a kick out of buses and bus routes. It is funny how you can live in Buffalo all your life and there are still places you have not heard of.

The other day, at twilight, shivering in the snowy wind on the corner of Ellicott and Division by the bus station, waiting for our magical bus to appear, we kept finding ourself smiling.

All the buses were flashing, merrily, "Happy Holidays."

One bus rolled up with twinkling lights reading: "Seneca Nation Bingo." It also read: "Lotus Bay." What an exotic-sounding location! We have seen the Lotus Bay bus for years. And we still have no idea where or what Lotus Bay is, if it is not in Thailand, that is.

Another bus flashed, "Herman Hill." Where in Sam Hill is that?

The No. 11 Colvin is famous for plying Buffalo's most mellifluous bus route, "To Raintree Island, Bypassing Paradise." It took a New York City friend to point this out. Buffalonians look through stuff like this and don't see it.

Alas, the No. 11 Colvin that rolled up the other day was flashing: "Industrial Park." That is not very poetic.

But our bus ride was!

Winter is so much prettier when you are not driving.

2012-12-14 010


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