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Take that, Brian Higgins

CNBC lists Buffalo way up at the top of its 10 Best Cities To Move To. And the big question is ...

What picture do they run to prove their point?

Was it a picture of handsome Brian Higgins?


Was it a picture of the handsome Skyway?

You betcha!


Apparently CNBC considers our Skyway to be the nicest thing about Buffalo.

They didn't have a picture of Brian Higgins being the nicest thing about Buffalo, did they?

It keeps amazing us, all the problems that are overdue for fixing, and yet our public servants, led by Mr. Higgins, just will not let our perfectly good Skyway be. They never listen to us. Perhaps they will listen to CNBC.

Memo to public servants: Hands off the Skyway.

Long live our signature bridge!


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