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The Peace Bridge, enlightened


How does that Joni Mitchell song go? ... It's comin' on Christmas, they're cuttin' down trees, they're puttin' up reindeer and singin' songs of joy and peace ... oh we wish we had a river we could skate away on ...

Especially if it's the Niagara River!

Because then we could feast our eyes on the pretty Peace Bridge. In the News file photo up above, it's splendid in deep blue, but last night when we looked, it was all lit up green and red for the season.

Buzz takes at least part credit because years ago we suggested this move.

"The Peace Bridge already enjoys a modest dose of white light, but a bigger dose would tell the world that it's important and majestic, no matter what some people say," we wrote, yikes, way back in 2005.

Would that all our suggestions were this smart, you know?

At least in this instance we saw the light!

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