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'Your Friends in Beer'


Five reasons to join Gene McCarthy's Founders' Club:

1. Free 5 oz. of beer whenever you come in! The historic tavern on Hamburg Street in the Old First Ward promises, and we quote: "Your very own etched 21 oz. mug that you will be able to fill for the 16 oz. price." Club membership is $100 so you can occupy yourself on your barstool by figuring out how soon it will pay for itself.

2. You can drink that free beer at a bar so old and righteous that your glass tilts slightly, as shown in the News file photo above, taken on location.

3. You get an invitation to the grand opening when McCarthy's opens its brewery-in-progress.

4. You get the inside track on a special events.

5. You will have the honor of knowing you helped build that brewery. "Beer, like money, does not grow on trees," point out the tavernkeepers. "Unless you are making kriek [with cherries])." Far be it from us to leave McCarthy's up a kriek!

And finally, the best reason:

You get emails signed "Your Friends in Beer."



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