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A surprise upstairs at the mall


Buzz likes to shop Main Place Mall. We get a kick out of their quaint signage, as well as the dollar store with the narrow aisles and forced togetherness.

Today we got to wondering what was upstairs, besides the historic food court. So we went up to find out.

We found the most marvelous thing.

A gym!

It is free. It is a big looping track that just runs the expanse of the mall. People were walking it, many of them wearing sneakers with their office clothes. It is not like regular mall walking because there are no shoppers to get around.

And the greatest thing is, the sound system plays classical music! Today they were playing the finale of Schubert's B Flat Piano Trio.


This sure beats the crud we have to listen to at the gym we normally go to! It also beats that boneheaded advice we got not too long ago about how to exercise at the mall.

We will have to work out at Main Place Mall more often!


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