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Desperation at Wegmans


Buzz was not a Wegmans shopper for a long time. But suddenly we have become a fan! We love the displays and the packaging and the prices on a lot of things are good. There will always be things we buy at Tops and things we buy at Aldi and things we buy at the Broadway Market, etc. But we get a kick out of Wegmans.


What is with Wegmans customers?

Everyone at Wegmans acts driven and entitled and stressed out. It seems most of them are better dressed than the customers at the other supermarkets, and they stride around like stormtroopers. Just to ratchet the stress level up a little, there are those cobblestone floors, and the carts make a tremendous racket as they clatter over them.

The Wegmans carts have coffee holders and a lot of people have coffee in them. They don't smile and they barge past you without an "excuse me." And when you step aside to let them pass they don't glance at you or thank you. They just stride past as if it is their right. Every once in a while you find an exception but not often.

Buzz is not really that annoyed. We are more amused and fascinated. It is like a puzzle.

What is it with Wegmans shoppers?

We put the question to a friend, a colleague here at the The News, and she knew immediately what we were talking about.

"I think I know why it is," she said.

"Why?" we asked.

"There aren't that many Wegmans stores here," she explained. "So there's a kind of desperation."

In other words, people are aggressive and grabby because their Wegmans opportunities are limited and they have to get their ...


... while they can.

Buzz had never considered such an explanation before.

We like it!


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