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Hey, ho, the wind and the car parts

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you.
But when your quarter panel flies by
The wind is passing through!

With apologies to poet Christina Rossetti ...


... such were the experiences of a friend of Buzz's as she drove into work today.

"I tore up a lower side panel in the front of my car when I got stuck in my driveway last week," our friend confides. "I was waiting for the January thaw next week to use my new roll of Buffalo Bills logo duct tape to do a fix until summer."

Ha, ha! We, the proud drivers of Buffalo cars, all know what happens next!

"Today .... thunk!! And past my window sails my beleaguered quarter panel!

"The alert driver behind me astutely dodged the flying object. When last seen, my quarter panel was heading for Canada.

"Bon voyage et Bien Venue."


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