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Hot restaurant gossip


Every once in a while you get a story in The News chock-full of gossip. In Wednesday's paper it is restaurant gossip! 

This is on page B3, top of the page. Joe's Deli, of Hertel and Colvin fame, is moving to 534 Elmwood, where Off the Wall used to be. No restaurant seems to hang on there for long. Good luck, Joe!

Caramici's Bistro and Bakery will soon be open at 1503 Hertel, formerly home to La Marina and Victor's Bar and Grille. Note: ...

... could restaurants please learn it's Grill, not Grille? A grille is what is on the front of your car.

Angelo and Leanne Antonucci hope to open Leangelo's where Garangelo's was.

They do not even have to replace the whole sign! Lose the "Gar" and put "Le." 

It is delicious, all this restaurant gossip.

Buzz eats it up!


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