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Laughing at the art world

You know Buzz, we put the "gal" in gallery. And so the other day, visiting Toronto, we went to the Art Gallery of Ontario, where right now they have an exhibit called "Laughing at the Art World."

We immediately went looking for that exhibit and had fun laughing.

Look at this guy!

2013-1-21 010

Ha, ha! The sour-looking guy on the wall had actual chest hair and everything.

The faces were even funnier and creepier seen from weird angles.

2013-1-21 007

A whole installation was built around a record player and a handful of records. You were allowed to touch and so ...

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To dream the Canadian dream


Buzz finally got our paperwork so we can cross the border. Not easy! It took three attempts at various local DMVs. First we were missing one thing, then we were missing another. But finally, Saturday morning, we emerged from the Depew DMV triumphant. We were in there over an hour, but we won!

The day after the day after the day after that, we went to Canada for the first time in forever. We had not been there since the new paperwork rules went into effect.

One thing that cracked us up: on the QEW we passed this big construction site. And it had big signs with the name of the company, and a slogan that went something like ...

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Hot restaurant gossip


Every once in a while you get a story in The News chock-full of gossip. In Wednesday's paper it is restaurant gossip! 

This is on page B3, top of the page. Joe's Deli, of Hertel and Colvin fame, is moving to 534 Elmwood, where Off the Wall used to be. No restaurant seems to hang on there for long. Good luck, Joe!

Caramici's Bistro and Bakery will soon be open at 1503 Hertel, formerly home to La Marina and Victor's Bar and Grille. Note: ...

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Lackawanna restaurant has glass ceiling

2013-1-29 004

You have to marvel, walking into Mulberry Italian Ristorante in Lackawanna.

The ceiling is covered with red and white and silver Christmas ornaments!

At first Buzz thought they were ahead of the curve on Valentine's Day, but no, these were Christmas ornaments, so kudos and a big wassail to Mulberry for keeping that holiday cheer coming. It does look as if the colors will carry nicely over into St. Valentine's Day. For St. Patrick's Day and St. Joseph's Day they might have to rethink things.

Which begs the big question ...

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Pet resort celebrates Mozart's birthday


How gratifying, to turn on WBEN-AM and hear the slow movement from Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 19 in F, above. It was the backdrop to a commercial for the Cara Mia Pampered Pet Resort.

Today is Mozart's 257th birthday! We congratulate Cara Mia for recognizing that.

Except ...

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Muppet has a hand in downtown hotel


A while ago Buzz was giggling about the kid who, seeing Christmas trees tied to people's cars, asked his parents, "Can we take our Christmas tree out for a ride?"

It is great how kids interpret things sometimes!

But sometimes these children know what they are talking about!  Buzz reader Nora Pulinski, of Tonawanda, tells us that her daughter-in-law, Michelle, and little grandson, Luke, were driving in downtown Buffalo.

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How cold is it? Part Two


It's still pretty cold. So why not continue yesterday's fun?

How cold IS it??

So cold that ...

... "I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets."

... "It's colder than a Human Resources Department policy."

Ha, ha! And cousin to that ...

... "It's colder than a ticket taker's smile."

Ticket takers' smiles are cold!! And our favorite:

... "It's so cold that you live in Buffalo and STILL have to ask."


When it warms up, we'll miss the laughs!

How cold is it? So cold that ...


Perhaps you have heard the old saw, "It was so windy that Cellino's hair was on Barnes' head."

Now there is a new Buffalo game going on Facebook. It was so cold that ...

"... the flashers in Ellicott Creek Park were merely describing themselves."

"... I saw the statue of David clutching his Krupnik." (That came from Howard, the guy we married. He started the game. Krupnik, in case you are not from Buffalo, is a Polish honey liqueur.)

" ... William Mattar witnessed an accident and kept on going rather than get out of his car."

How cold IS it?

Brrrrrr-ing it on!

On Kenmore Avenue, the unanswered question

There is this one garage that loves to post funny messages. It is on the corner of Englewood, across from the iconic, soon-to-be-moving Paula's Donuts.

2013-1-21 002

Portrait of January

There is nothing like January as seen through the window of a Metro Bus.

2013-1-18 002

The snow. The smudges. The Rite Aid sign reading "Christmas 75 Percent Off."

It is a revelation to ride the bus.

You get a new view of the world!

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