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Laughing at the art world

You know Buzz, we put the "gal" in gallery. And so the other day, visiting Toronto, we went to the Art Gallery of Ontario, where right now they have an exhibit called "Laughing at the Art World."

We immediately went looking for that exhibit and had fun laughing.

Look at this guy!

2013-1-21 010

Ha, ha! The sour-looking guy on the wall had actual chest hair and everything.

The faces were even funnier and creepier seen from weird angles.

2013-1-21 007

A whole installation was built around a record player and a handful of records. You were allowed to touch and so ...

... we put on boogie pianist James P. Johnson, who we were thinking was from Buffalo. ...


2013-1-21 016

... and later found out was not. Pete Johnson was from Buffalo. And there we were bragging to our fellow gallery-goers! Well, that just makes it funnier.

What a great idea, to design an exhibit around laughing at art! Oh, wait.

This wasn't it.

"Laughing at the Art World" was, in fact, a bunch of cartoons and old illustrations poking fun at artists and works of art.

Well, you know what they say.

Art imitates life!


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