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New year's prediction has ring of truth

NooryNew Year's Eve is fun because it is is so surreal. Buzz  loved seeing the groups of strangers walking down Delaware Avenue downtown, sporting hats with blinking lights. "Happy New Year!" they called to us. How can you hear and see that and not smile?

Then there were people in skimpy outfits, out frolicking in the snow with no coats or anything. That is fun too. And so Buffalo!

Only one thing could improve this scene: We had to tune in to George Noory, pictured at left, on the surreal show "Coast to Coast AM" on WBEN-AM. 

Noory was letting callers predict things that would happen in the coming year.

One woman said confidently: "The earth will grow rings in 2013."

"Ah," said Noory. Well, he said something like that. We were not writing it down. "Are you into meditation?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "And higher consciousness."

"Thank you for the prediction," he said. "We haven't had anything like it."

Hey, why not, you know? Buzz will be on Ring Alert. We will be watching for those rings.

Ring in the new!


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