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North Buffalo turns over new leaf

The wave of library closings a few years ago was like a bad novel. North Buffalo was hit the hardest. We lost that cute 1800s Fairfield Branch (a historic Unitarian church charmingly converted to public use) and then the 1920s North Park Branch. The North Buffalo branch library is now -- O shameful day! -- a storefront in a strip plaza.


Now there is the new Little Library at 120 Greenfield Street!

Little library

Buzz is guessing this is in line with a movement called Little Free Library.

Organizer Rachael Vella is sending around a notice:

"Our Parkside heroes stocked it with some starter books.  Feel free to take a book, take one and drop one off, or just look.  You can keep it as long as you want and we'll never come after you for a late fee.  I will be keeping an eye on things and stocking it up with some faster moving materials as often as possible.  We're hoping to eventually appeal to all ages and I added some young adult books this afternoon. For those of you house bound, send me a note and I'll deliver something."

Power to the people!

Who needs the county?


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