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To dream the Canadian dream


Buzz finally got our paperwork so we can cross the border. Not easy! It took three attempts at various local DMVs. First we were missing one thing, then we were missing another. But finally, Saturday morning, we emerged from the Depew DMV triumphant. We were in there over an hour, but we won!

The day after the day after the day after that, we went to Canada for the first time in forever. We had not been there since the new paperwork rules went into effect.

One thing that cracked us up: on the QEW we passed this big construction site. And it had big signs with the name of the company, and a slogan that went something like ...

"Doing Our Part To Achieve the Canadian Dream."

We had heard of the American Dream but .... the Canadian Dream??

It must have something to do with Tim Horton's. Either that, or it's like the American Dream only with Poutine and Beaver Tails.

Buzz needs to get out of the country more.

We have so much to learn!


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