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A page for what's weird about Buffalo

On the heels of Party Pooper Cooper ... or perhaps inspired by it? ... comes a new Facebook page, "Keep Buffalo Weird."

The purpose? You guessed it: "to post stories and pics that help promote the weirdness of our city."

It is the brainchild of Jeff Garbaz, whom some time ago Buzz got to know because of his band the Last Lemming. We still have our copy of the band's CD "Lemmus Lemmus." That is the Latin scientific name for the lemming, the little animal ... 


... that gets together with a big mob of other lemmings and all go and run over a cliff. The Last Lemming knew enough to put it on its CD.

"Keep Buffalo Weird" already has a good bunch of pictures. Among them are:

.. the Continental, Rick James, Mark Freeland, old mayors, the AM&As building, storms rolling in, and, speaking of rolling, the poster for once when the Rolling Stones played the Aud. Garbaz states that he "aims to preserve the social traditions and history of our area, and celebrate the exceptional way of life that is us!"

The page invites you to contribute your own thoughts, "audacious stories" and pictures.

And -- so Buffalo! -- advises, "No nudity please."


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