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2013-2-23 006

Buzz gets a kick out of this Metro Bus poster.

We get a kick out of riding the bus once or twice a week. There is this bus stop yards from our house. We bought our house with that in mind, that we wanted to be able to take the bus if our car was in the shop, or if the weather was not something we wanted to drive in, or if we were meeting friends for beers, or whatever.

Right now we are planning a bus night out with friends. We are going to coordinate it so we all make our way to the same route and then we are going to go somewhere where we can have beer and wine, as the case may be, and listen to a band, because we are not driving!

But anyway, the poster above, it is funny.

It reminds Buzz of the Grant Street Bus, the route we used to take in our formative post-college years to our bank job. The Grant Street bus, No. 3, is the wildest bus. Buzz and two of our bank buddies used to ride it together and sometimes we would all put our arms up as if we were on the Cyclone.

Once, and we have eyewitnesses to prove it, it was rounding a corner and it went up on two wheels and went down again!

A magnificent bus! A magnificent route.

The poster is right.

Metro Buses are flexible!

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