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The auction that ate Buffalo


This fevered report came in from someone who survived last night's Trinity Episcopal Church Snowflakes and Starlight Auction. It was a whirlwind event with wine, hors d'oeuvres and music by jazz pianist Krista Seddon. Buzz used to love going to Trinity's annual White Elephant Sale, now, alas, no longer held. We wish we had been at this auction! But perhaps it is best we were not.

Fasten your seat belts...

Birdcage2Hand-decorated bird houses sold off in dollar increments crept high into $40 & even a piece of carved wood -- trefoil?--that once held stained glass sold for $100+. people reminisced about the glory days of the white elephant sale. a water color flower abstraction provoked high bidding between professional antique dealer & parishioner. she won it in the high hundreds ... fetching objects that people didn't need pulled at heart strings. one working woman who needed no more china said she couldn't resist the "luncheon" set of red plates with gold trim & tea cups. a week at an summer house in Angola also went heatedly into the high hundreds. i had to restrain my mother from bidding on a bird house. one more thing to dust that she DOESN'T need. i was sat to see the china rosette place card holders that i didn't need, but figured i would pay $20 for, were already snatched by someone for $25..

FleckI did wind up w. a bargain   a basket of old bottles! for $7. ... carefully examined the old lettering on a bottle of "bluing" complete with what seemed to be its original lid, with little holes in it like a salt shaker. maybe for sprinkling the blueing? i also got a flex pass for bpo 2 tix this season & $50 at toro for $102! about to call & see if i can get Bela Fleck tix.

BottlesBlueing bottle came w. $20 price sticker making me feel especially smart for getting a basketful for $7. the church was crowded w. people drinking wine, examining merchandise set up in the aisles between the pews. this led one bystander to darkly suggest that there had been something lost since the Bible story about money-changers in the temple. there was such a crowd of mostly older people that when the auctioneer announced there was just a few more minutes to bid before auction closed that i wanted to race to check what i'd bid on & the only way to do that in the minutes i had left was to push & shove my way through a crowd that in other circumstances i would have been showing extreme deference to! i mean these were people in their 70s & 80s & all i want to do was get past them when there were only inches between us. an awkward situation. i'm not proud to admit that my sale-loving self won out. still my elders-respecting self prevented me from actually knocking people over. 

Wow! Three words for our correspondent's sanity.

Going, going, gone!


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