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Dyngus Day news from the front


In the continuing saga of Anderson Cooper dissing Dyngus Day, we love how festival organizer "Airborne Eddy" Dobosiewicz fights on, like a hero out of a ballad by Adam Mickiewicz, pictured above.

Most recently, Eddy was greviously insulted by Cooper's dodging out of this year's Dyngus Day festivities. Cooper gave some excuse, something about "60 Minutes," but Eddy will have none of it, not that we blame him.

In today's Buffalo News Eddy is quoted on the op-ed page  page A8, at the top. He is one of two quotes! The other is by Douglas J. Sarno, representing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, discussing a funding threat to nuclear waste cleanup in Niagara County.

"We're going to make his life miserable," Eddy is quoted as saying, about Anderson Cooper.

Eddy says he was quoted out of context.

He said what he really said was:

"We are going to make his life miserable with a barrage of emails and Tweets."

There is a delicate but substantial difference!

In other words we are talking about making his life virtually miserable. Eddy is making that easy by creating a website, Party Pooper Cooper.

"We wanted to create awareness," he said.



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