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Newly exhumed Richard III was no stranger to Buzz


Buzz loves the story of how they have found the bones of England's Richard III. Right now the king is lying there in England with a Catholic priest watching over him and reporters filing past him. Questions are being raised. Did Shakespeare gave Richard III a bad rap? Perhaps he was not the villain he is often made out to be. It will be interesting now that there is DNA involved, and other sophisticated methods of investigation. Perhaps we will get some surprises.

It is most exciting! And personally we are pulling for the king, pictured above.

Because Richard III was no stranger to the Buzz column!

Last summer, Buzz went to Shakespeare in Delaware Park to see Shakespeare's "Richard III." We heard a kid talking to his friends and what he said became our quote of the week. (A quote, a quote, our kingdom for a quote.)

The kid said: "Now when we have to read this in school next year, at least we'll know how it turns out."


Don't be so sure!


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