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NFTA snubs German riders

2013-2-15 004

At a downtown Metro Rail station, Buzz perused the list of languages the NFTA is ready to translate for you, in case you are trying to catch a trolley or an omnibus and do not speak English.

German is not there!

You do not see it there, do you?

There is Tagalog and Pashto and French and Russian and Somali and Haitian Creole but no German.

While we were noting this egregious omission the sound system of the Metro Rail station had the nerve to be playing the music of a German composer, Felix Mendelssohn. Imagine if Mendelssohn wanted to find his way to First Niagara Center or Fountain Plaza. He would be out of luck!

The spirits of our former mayors such as Schwab and Roesch must be looking down in disgust.



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