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Teddy Roosevelt, pizza salesman


God love Teddy Roosevelt, he never took a bad picture!

Teddy 3


And the icing on the cake, or should we say the slick of mozzarella on the pie, is that he is a heck of a pizza salesman.

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NFTA snubs German riders

2013-2-15 004

At a downtown Metro Rail station, Buzz perused the list of languages the NFTA is ready to translate for you, in case you are trying to catch a trolley or an omnibus and do not speak English.

German is not there!

You do not see it there, do you?

There is Tagalog and Pashto and French and Russian and Somali and Haitian Creole but no German.

While we were noting this egregious omission the sound system of the Metro Rail station had the nerve to be playing the music of a German composer, Felix Mendelssohn. Imagine if Mendelssohn wanted to find his way to First Niagara Center or Fountain Plaza. He would be out of luck!

The spirits of our former mayors such as Schwab and Roesch must be looking down in disgust.


The ultimate estate sale


Wherein you will find everything but Richard III's bones ...

Edna Louise has this sale in Snyder this weekend that includes, and we are just skimming the list, stuff from Crystal Beach and the Pan-American Exposition (pictured above), old local postcards, old military stuff, china and silver, paper dolls, rock albums, a HUGE collection of vintage Catholic items including statues and rosaries, and magazines including The Etude and The Botanist. (Buzz has already snooped through the pictures on Edna Louise's site.)There is also reportedly a lot of vintage sheet music, a gigantic collection of lamps (how illuminating), vintage sewing equipment, quilts, it never ends.

Hmmm. There are also, says the site ...

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The Sloan Supermarket's feast of love


Surely St. Valentine is smiling down on the Sloan Supermarket -- pictured above -- where they are celebrating his feast tomorrow with, well, a feast.

They are called Sweetheart Specials. For $20 you get two 8-oz. New York strip steaks, two 3-oz. lobster tails, two twice-baked potatoes, one of those one-pound salad mix bags, and a dessert. What dessert, you ask? We were too amazed to check. We will have to let you know.

There are two kinds of shoppers at the Sloan Supermarket ...

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Buffalo bakery caters to your tweet tooth

St. Valentine goes digital!

Gawked @, @ Butterwood Desserts @ the Hotel @ the Lafayette:

2013-2-13 005

2013-2-13 004

A page for what's weird about Buffalo

On the heels of Party Pooper Cooper ... or perhaps inspired by it? ... comes a new Facebook page, "Keep Buffalo Weird."

The purpose? You guessed it: "to post stories and pics that help promote the weirdness of our city."

It is the brainchild of Jeff Garbaz, whom some time ago Buzz got to know because of his band the Last Lemming. We still have our copy of the band's CD "Lemmus Lemmus." That is the Latin scientific name for the lemming, the little animal ... 


... that gets together with a big mob of other lemmings and all go and run over a cliff. The Last Lemming knew enough to put it on its CD.

"Keep Buffalo Weird" already has a good bunch of pictures. Among them are:

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Dyngus Day news from the front


In the continuing saga of Anderson Cooper dissing Dyngus Day, we love how festival organizer "Airborne Eddy" Dobosiewicz fights on, like a hero out of a ballad by Adam Mickiewicz, pictured above.

Most recently, Eddy was greviously insulted by Cooper's dodging out of this year's Dyngus Day festivities. Cooper gave some excuse, something about "60 Minutes," but Eddy will have none of it, not that we blame him.

In today's Buffalo News Eddy is quoted on the op-ed page  page A8, at the top. He is one of two quotes! The other is by Douglas J. Sarno, representing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, discussing a funding threat to nuclear waste cleanup in Niagara County.

"We're going to make his life miserable," Eddy is quoted as saying, about Anderson Cooper.

Eddy says he was quoted out of context.

He said what he really said was:

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Why snow is good for Buffalo


Howard, the guy Buzz married, posted this on Facebook. He said we could steal it:

"The good news is that Buffalo now has plenty of shovel-ready properties."


Driving backwards on the freeway of love

This promo for a Valentine's Day story appeared on the front page of The Buffalo Evening News 100 years ago.

2013-2-5 003

Love the mention of "the quaint love missives Grandmother sent Grandfather many years ago, wonderful lacey things that now lie hidden deep in old trunks stored away in the attic."

What if they are still there?

Imagine how old they are now!

Newly exhumed Richard III was no stranger to Buzz


Buzz loves the story of how they have found the bones of England's Richard III. Right now the king is lying there in England with a Catholic priest watching over him and reporters filing past him. Questions are being raised. Did Shakespeare gave Richard III a bad rap? Perhaps he was not the villain he is often made out to be. It will be interesting now that there is DNA involved, and other sophisticated methods of investigation. Perhaps we will get some surprises.

It is most exciting! And personally we are pulling for the king, pictured above.

Because Richard III was no stranger to the Buzz column!

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