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Welcome to the dollhouse

2013-2-1 005

It is the awe-inspiring Barbie museum in the restroom at Salvatore's Italian Gardens.

See and believe!

Postcard from the edge

2013-2-1 017

This is a postcard we saw at Taza Coffee Shop, on Elmwood Avenue, after our trip to Toronto.

We loved this postcard! Seeing the front of it makes the picture complete.

2013-2-1 002


The cup of coffee that tells all


We all love Toronto, pictured above, because it's big and exciting. But then there are these slight inconveniences.

Such as ... You are in your car and you would like a cup of coffee.

Lots o'luck!

There is construction everywhere -- huge, devastating, catastrophic, constant construction, with big piles of dirt and barrels all over the place and streets blocked off. The traffic is relentless and there is no pulling over, let alone parking. Parades of pedestrians are everywhere. Trolleys are clanging past. Stop for coffee? Are you dreaming?

Sure, Buffalo wishes that we walked more, that we had more construction, that we we had more people. But still. But still.

Admit it ...

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