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Teddy Roosevelt, pizza salesman


God love Teddy Roosevelt, he never took a bad picture!

Teddy 3


And the icing on the cake, or should we say the slick of mozzarella on the pie, is that he is a heck of a pizza salesman.

The Pan-American Grill and Brewery at the Hotel @ the Lafayette is counting on Roosevelt's image and primacy as a gourmand in popularizing their pizzas.

Pizzas are big business at the Lafayette. Someone at Butterwood Desserts the other day told us that during one recent Sabres game, just at Butterwood, they sold 60 of them! And at the Pan-American they give their pizzas a Teddy Roosevelt twist.

They have the Hunter (with ground bison); the Smoker (a barbecue pizza with bacon); and the Rough Rider (with spicy sausage and Pepper Jack).

Not only that but they come in two sizes, the Speak Softly and the Big Stick.

We can sense Teddy Roosevelt's approval from beyond the grave.

"Bully! Bully!"


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