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The Sloan Supermarket's feast of love


Surely St. Valentine is smiling down on the Sloan Supermarket -- pictured above -- where they are celebrating his feast tomorrow with, well, a feast.

They are called Sweetheart Specials. For $20 you get two 8-oz. New York strip steaks, two 3-oz. lobster tails, two twice-baked potatoes, one of those one-pound salad mix bags, and a dessert. What dessert, you ask? We were too amazed to check. We will have to let you know.

There are two kinds of shoppers at the Sloan Supermarket ...

... the quick and the dead. Buzz was quick.

"Take one of these these," offered one staffer, wheeling up noisily with another 30 or so packages packed into a cart. And we did.

"You look like you're selling a lot of them," we said.

"You have no idea," the clerk said.

There was a din over the place as befits its location out Broadway near miles of freight trains. Customers were snapping up the Sweetheart Specials and jockeying for places at the deli counter and eyeing up other bargains including big bags of smelt, huge cans of anchovies, Dusseldorf mustard and sacks of potatoes. Over it all, to add just the right touch of romantic ambience, Beyonce was blasting "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it."

At the checkout we were told that yesterday they sold 700 of those Valentine's Day dinners.

A sweetheart deal!


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