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10 things Buzz likes about Pope Francis


Buzz is enslaved today, shackled to our desk, too busy to deal with dogma or theology, but real quick, here goes: Ten things that appeal to us about Pope Francis, pictured above...

1. Can dance the tango. Could John Paul II do that? Huh? Could he?

2. Takes the bus as Buzz is wont to do. (Make that took the bus. In Rome he will probably have to kick that habit.)

3. Likes to cook!

4. Is old. Buzz did not want a young hipster as pope.

5. Is not afraid to speak of the devil.

6. Is a Jesuit. Thanks to Canisius College Buffalonians know a thing or two about Jesuits and we may pontificate freely in the public square to our brethren who are not as fortunate.

7. People from Argentina are cool.

8. As is the name Jorge.

9. This paragraph from the Washington Post's website: "Francis thinks some art does not deserve to be shown. He successfully helped shut down an exhibit of works by Argentinian artist Leon Ferrari that showed Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and Catholic saints in unusual settings, like a blender and a frying pan. Francis deemed the exhibit "blasphemous” and called for a day of reparation in response."  A day of reparation! Buzz loves that.

10. Mention of dogma reminds us, looking up to see who shares Pope Francis' birthday (Dec. 17) we found this delightful being: "Benedictine, a St. Bernard, full name Benedictine Daily Double, becomes heaviest known dog, 367 lbs (166.4 kg), lived until the age of 14." Benedictine was born Dec. 17, 1970. Pope Francis was born Dec. 17, 1936. 

There! That was easy!

We should come up with 10 more!


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