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Adopt-A-Cardinal and Pope Alarm


Why sit back passively as the Pope is elected? Why let them blow smoke, pictured above, at you? Get involved!

Two sites that will help you do that:

1. Adopt-A-Cardinal. You go to this site and they assign you, at random, a cardinal to pray for. Buzz got a cardinal from the Netherlands with the greatest name. It is Willem Jacobus Eijk! Or Willem Jacobus Cardinal Eijk. We do not want our prayers to be tripped up by a technicality.

2. Pope Alarm! This site promises to notify you by email and/or text message the second the smoke turns white! As it says: "You may be asleep. You may be busy doing something else ... and miss the 'Habemus Papam'! (Latin for "We have a pope.")

Darn it all, Buzz cannot sign up. We tried. The site kept telling us that we were in error, that our number was already registered.

Bitterly, we complained to Howard, the guy we married.

He said, "The Pope probably signed you up already."


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