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Expressway sign designed to make you crazy

You know that harrowing part of the 190 South, the part where you round the curve past the Skyway ...


... (we like to include a picture of the Skyway whenever possible)...

... and head toward downtown?

Today, there was one of those multimillion-dollar signs overhead reading: "SLEEP AWARENESS WEEK." Then it would blink and flash a different message.

The different message was something about don't drive drowsy, it causes accidents. Buzz could not retain it because we were too busy squinting at the letters. There was something that was, well, off.

Two of the letters were run together, giving the sign a crazy look. The same thing happened with the "week" in "Sleep Awareness Week."

We wish we could have snapped a picture but imagine the ticket we would have gotten! That was how impressed we were.

The sign warns you against being sleepless while at the same time illustrating what it is like to be sleepless. If you have not slept, letters and words do tend to appear kind of fuzzy.



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